Bhumi Pujan

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The land is considered to be the mother of all the world, the father of the world, therefore, hence the status of mother in Hindu texts has been given as mother status. Land knows what we get from the earth, they all know that living home, food to eat, rivers, waterfalls, streets, roads, all pass through the earth's chest.Therefore, in the scriptures, any work on land, whether it is a house or a public building or a path, is the legislation of land worship before construction. It is believed that due to non-worship, many obstacles arise in the construction work. Let us tell you how to do the worship of the land, what is the method of land worship

Whenever any kind of construction work is started on any new land, the land is worshiped before it, it is believed that if there is any defect in the land, or any mistake by knowing the owner of that land So, the mother of the earth, from the land of worship, forgives the mistakes on every type of defect and sheds favor on her.Many times when a person buys the land, it may be that the land has been defiled by the wrongdoings of the former owner of the said land, so it is again sanctified by land worship. It is believed that the construction work is done smoothly by getting land sanctioned. There is no loss of livelihood during or after life, as well as release from other problems.

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Date Shubha/Ashubha Muhurt
Samagri Name Quantity
Naral 2 Unit
Vastra 1 CM
Kunku 2 KG
vastra 1 CM
Badam 3 Unit
Supari 2 Unit
Vastra 1 CM

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